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Angry Duck was born in 2005 in Scotland. He is an anarchist duck who is only nice to those who deserve it. Surrounded by the other characters, that are mainly arseholes or really annoying at best, he deals with them in various and often random ways. He hates injustice and will sometimes stick up for the weaker ones in his society, sometimes in ways that are slightly unexpected.


Angry Duck is male, but sometimes wears ladies shoes, and he does not care what others think of him. If you want to see more about the other characters that are featured in the Angry Duck world plus weird randomness, go to


Angry Duck was drawn and created by Norwegian artist Karen Anna S. Sandholm and she realised down the line that he is her alter ego and she openly wishes she was more like Angry Duck in daily life. Karen Anna drew Angry Duck because she worked in retail and with phone support and other things that lets you experience the darkest sides of humanity. Angry Duck was a way of letting out frustration without losing her job for her. 


Angry Duck is comic strips, a comic zine, soon to be a comic book, two free imessage sticker apps and also some animations. Hopefully many more animations soon. It is also high quality merchandise and unique and handmade resin toys in very limited quantities. Most of the merch are made and designer in the UK and none of is is sweatshop-made or made by exploiting anyone, animals or children. 


You can also see more on Instagram @argaankan which is where most new stuff is posted, also on and the app can be found here:

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Angry Duck / Arga Ankan

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