Hello there

We are a young and promising couple from all over the place who lived and grew in Edinburgh, now we have relocated to rural Norway for a bit and who knows where we will end up. We run this shop. We are good people. We are vegan. We have a cat and we used to have a plant but sadly not anymore. It has gone to live on a farm with a religious sect. 

We are Angry Duck! We screenprint onto non-sweatshop made clothes and also sell homeware and accessories with Angry Duck on them. Everything we sell is comfy, good quality and quirky. All our products are either handmade by us or made in very limited quantities in the UK, and everything is designed by us. Our stuff is also in very high quality because that is important to us, just as important as making ethical stuff that harmed no human or animal! 

Angry Duck is an angry bird, as you can see. The reason he is angry is because of all the mean and awful people in this world who think they are better than others and that treat others like shite. Angry Duck will get back at you if you behave out of order and deserve it. This is not a threat. Just be nice to people that are different to you, ok. Hopefully Angry Duck will make you smile and smirk. 

If you have any questions or any feedback, good or bad, email us at Or hit us up on our Facebook page or Instagram, we reply pretty fast! Sadly we cannot afford the fax machine we always wanted :( 

Take care now, and thanks so much for stopping by. We really mean it! 

Winkysmiley from David & KA