Because of the shop being located in Norway we only offer tracked shipping on Made To Order items, since they don't ship from Norway. Please check out the FAQ below and hit us up if you have any questions!


This is also why we don't offer returns at the moment, but if something is damaged or missing somehow, contact us and we will work something out. If you are planning on attending any of the fairs we are vendoring at, and you would like to order something specific, shoot us a message to make sure we bring exactly what you want! Apologies for any inconveniences, but it is the only way to make this shop work for now. 


Angry Duck World is inhabited by 24 original characters which all have very distinct personalities. You can learn more on

Our products are high quality and mainly limited edition and exclusive.

If something isn't high quality, we won't sell it. We also strive to be as eco and environmently friendly as possible, none of our products are made exploiting animals or humans in any way.

Please know that we will never ever share any of your personal info with third party advertisers or annoying scammers. We would never do that because it is such an awful thing to do! Ew. We use third-party banking to verify payment since we don't own any banks. We will be in touch with shipping times after you have completed your purchase.


- Credit / Debit Cards

Vipps (Norway only)  - contact us first

Frequently asked questions

Are all your items Print On Demand?

No! Angry Duck Shop has both. The items that are not print on demand ship from Norway. The Made To Order products ship pretty quickly though, usually from a facility as near to its finaly destination as possible. You get a tracking number with you Made To Order products. We also try our best to print on sustainable and ethically made garments!

Where do your items ship from?

All items labelled "Made To Order" ship either from the US or from the EU. Please note that your order might be subject to customs if you live in an European country outside the EU. All the items that are NOT made to order ship from Norway. Norwegian mail is slow but reliable. It is also the reason we are only able to offer international tracked shipping on the Made To Order items. But have faith in us and the Norwegian Postal system! And you must have much patience too. Patience is a virtue

Why is Wanky Sheep such an arse? Seriously

He is just a bad person. He did not have a traumatic upbringing or anything, he had loving parents, sufficient money and lots of support, he is just an awful guy. Please don't have sympathy with him, he is not worth it.

Will my order be subject to customs?

If you live in a European country that is outside the EU (like Norway and UK) you might get customs on your order, depending on your country's rules and regulations. We are sorry about this but it is not in our hands! Go into your local government's customs page and check the limit on orders into your country and it should tell you more. We personally wish there were no customs on orders from small businesses like us :/

What's your policies regarding sustainability and ethical consumerism?

We try our hardest to offer the most eco-friendly and sustainable items in Angry Duck Shop. No animals were harmed in any of the processes either! Angry Duck Shop team are vegan tree huggers and this is a hugely important factor to us. There is no Planet BBC.

The Made To Order items are sustainable in the way that they don't get manufactured until someone orders them, so there is not a huge pile of wasteful stock sitting somewhere whilst waiting to get sold either.

Is it safe to order from Angry Duck Shop?

Yes. It is safer than the bank. Just ask Temp. Eagle. Please note, if you are a person than like to scam small businesses and take advantage of them, then Angry Duck will come for you. You brought it on yourself.

Why is shipping to Norway not free?

Shipping to Norway is not free because Norway is not in the EU and is outside any merchants agreements so we have to pay VAT on orders shipped to Norway, and the shipping fee you pay to Norway actually covers the VAT fee. Again, we know this sucks and we wish it was different.